Consistent, esthetic results from every technique in your lab.
Ceramco®3 is a feldspathic porcelain with organic pigments mixed into the powder. This high potassium formula is much more stable than low-potassium feldspar that has to be “cooked” with other minerals before it can be used. This stability allows for better individual control, so you can give each of your technicians the freedom to work the way they work best and always achieve predictable results.
Predictably pleasing out-of-the-bottle.
The Ceramco®3 porcelain system offers 16 A-D shades and the ability to achieve esthetic outcomes with the use of thin applications of Natural Enamels and Opal Enamels, with the option of a less abrasive SoftWear Enamels. All 50 shades are available out-of-the-bottle so there’s no greening, measuring, mixing, or mistakes.
Consistency could be a game changer.
The correct mixing of Ceramco®3 liquid and powder will produce a consistency of porcelain that is not only quick and easy to build-up with, but also helps to control shrinkage. Colorants are incorporated to help clearly identify the placement of each layer of the build-up, allowing for natural variation and greater forgiveness.
New dentin modifiers that are second to none.
Ceramco®3 provides predictable esthetics with out-of-the-bottle shades and components allowing for a multitude of new effects. New and improved Dentin Modifiers deliver chromatic and hue effects that allow for natural variation and greater forgiveness during the build up.
Porcelain for Every Personality
Explore all of our Ceramco®3 personalities and see what they have to say about the consistent, esthetic results they get from our ceramics.